Prayer List

Our Prayer List

The following are those we are currently lifting up in prayer. If you would like to add to this list, please click here. Or if you know of concerns that have been resolved and need to be removed from our list, please email the Church Office.

Continuing Prayer Concerns:

Kyle Ahlfinger (Thurston’s friend); Jean-Marcel Akomian (Tatiana Yacho’s grandfather); Bettie Allen (Ruth Breeding’s friend); Jack Asbury; Shawna and Jordyn Aubrey; Joyce Ball (Michael Ball’s grandmother); Dorothy Barnard (Chuck Hyde’s sister); M.O. Bridges; Cyndi Brown (Teri Hyde’s friend); Rick Brown (Jeanne Brown’s son); Tim Buske (Karen Thurston’s foster brother); John Cartmill (Teresa Haman’s father); Bill Chrisman; Dee Clifton (Vicky Williams friend); Melinda Coalson; Elliot Cody (Sharon and Carl Brown’s friend’s child); William Crocker (Haley Helterbrand’s friend); Nelda Davis; Sherry Demas (Joyce Pittman’s friend); David Dobbins (Carol Dobbins’ son); Jennie Eslinger (Judy Underwood’s friend); Oneita Faris (Jerry Labhart’s mother); Alec Fentum (Bill Fentum’s nephew); Bob and Billie Fitzgerald (Sharen Naico’s friends); Sally Ford; Sandra Gerdner; Brenda Gilmore & Harry Goldenbloome (friends of Mac Cleary); Sue Goad; Stacey Gonalez (Kate Alexander’s mother-in-law); Frances Graham; Farley Grissett (Dana Norton’s brother); Joyce Hardesty Bachus (Dan & Brian Hardesty’s aunt); Raymon Hawkins (Chuck Hyde’s cousin); Melinda Helsley (Kristin Woodruff’s sister); Jolene Hendrickx (Naico family friend); Joanna Higginbotham (Robyn’s daughter-in-law); Jeff Hobson (Paul Benson’s nephew); Mildred Holman; Shirley Hotchkiss (Nancy Poynter’s friend); Heather Huerta and Audri Lyn (Kate Alexander’s friends), Chris and Steve Hyde (Chuck’s sons); Joe Hyde (Tiffany Nicholas friend); Linda Jones; Troy Kelley; Carol King (Andy Schellenberg’s friend); George Knesel (Barbara Lindström’s relative); Tammy Koch (Susan Godwin’s friend); Roger Layne; Laura Lemley (Gail Monroe’s mother); Maxwell Leuneg (Thurston’s nephew); Emily Lindsey; Elizabeth McCullough; Janet McNaughton (Joyce Pittman’s friend); Christina Moreno; Becky Mulroy (Ruth Breeding’s friend); Marsha Murphy; Dr. Tom Murphy; Newsom family; Mary Oberlin; Gloria Padgett (Pam Benson’s mother); Alan Pettingale (Margaret Hale’s brother-in-law); Nomie Potter (Joyce Pittman’s friend); Janet Pruitt (Karen Thurston’s mother); Julio/Mayita Pulido (Solange Patterson’s grandparents); Emma Rae (Kate Alexander’s cousin); Debbie Ripley (Mary Jane Johnson’s daughter); Miriam Roberts; Edward Roderick (Steve Roderick’s father); John Roop (Sharen Naico’s brother-in-law); Linda Russell(Andy Schellenberg”s friend); Terry Russell; Janice and Betty Rutherford (Jennifer’s mother and grandmother); Jerry Savuto; Scott Schecht (Kay Schecht’s son); Kilian Smith; Kirin Skeen (Amy Skeen’s family); Jordan Spaeth (Cathy Nix’s grandson); Jack Stanford; Sharon Stehman (Burnell Stehman’s daughter); Eric Stern (Virginia Stern’s husband); Frances Thompson; Jeanne Thurston and Gary Thurston (John Thurston’s niece and nephew); Sue Trucha (Rob Oliver’s mother-in-law); Bill Tucker; Lee Vinson (Cheryl Vinson’s father); Lisa & Wade Von Bergen (Brenda Reed’s friends); Laura Waggoner; Cindy Webster (Sarah Webster’s daughter-in-law); Myrlene Weathers; Scott Williams; Mary Wolforth (Miriam Roberts’ sister); Jamie Woodruff; George Young (Joyce and Clyde Pittman’s friend); and friends at Emeritus.

Homebound Members

Shirley Asbury; Bill Connell; Vera & John Eitson; Don Killian; Betty Randall; Charles Simpson; and Barbara Strubhar.

Prayers for Armed Forces:

Austin Black (Teresa Haman’s nephew); Eddie Brasch; Jim DeLeon (DJ Molina’s brother); Christopher and Michael Emerson (Linda Stroud’s grandnephews); Jamie Fox (Gary Fox’s grandson); Josh Fuston (Andy Naylor’s friend); Tyler Green (Kate Alexander’s cousin); Matthew Hollings (Barbara Corbin’s grandson); Patty Kast (Ken/Claire Ward’s niece); Ashley Kittrell (Becky Buckner’s cousin); Chris Lee (John Naylor’s friend); Logan Kirby, & Brad, Serina Locke (Kathy Howard’s grandchildren); Franky Martinez; Taylor Rash; George Sellers (Robin Witcher’s friend); Marcus Shehee; Justin Smith (Kate Alexander’s friend); James Stegin (Rachel Short’s friend); Brandon Vance; Russ Williams (Nina Tippin’s son-in-law); Jeff Wollenman.

Note to Congregation:

Please notify the church office when your loved one’s health issues stabilize and your loved ones are home from hazardous assignments.

Memorials and Tributes

Micah 6:8

...what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?